My Malang Adventure

May 18, 2009 at 8:55 am Leave a comment

I must acknowledge that my Malang journey last week was so amazing. Seven days over there made me conscious that I had sleeped tight for a number of years. The bankruptcy of my own company and the relaxed work in the micro sharia banking had make me forgotten how a workaholic must work. And in Malang, by aiming at the Japanese Standard of work, that training had opened my eyes to know that I must rise quickly, enthusiastic for work with a direction masterplan, and than let the world as certain my destiny.

I must change. I know that’s not easy. The drowsiness that have come at the afternoon make a hardness for me, automatically, to create my character become similarly with the Japanese style. Anyway in my recent days, even since I went home from the training I always rise before the sun.

The job doesn’t to be seeked, but to be founded, like love. And a million of jobs are still waiting. Now, the problem just how do I arrange the schedule. If I can stabilize this spirit, I’m sure the successfull just about the problem of time only.


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Proyek Tanam Kentang kentang minded

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